Turn behaviour into provable success

We work with the latest behavioural insights, behavioural change frameworks and psychological research to change behaviour and improve your business.
In short, we understand your customers better than they understand themselves.

We are a Design Psychology Studio

We help businesses design with the brain in mind and teach teams to embrace the power of design psychology.
When 90% of our behaviour is subconscious, how much are you missing?


Educating Microsoft’s business customers

We created a unified learning ecosystem. Priming for learning flow, reducing cognitive load and strengthening Microsoft's position as one of the leading B2B educators.

Redefining the personal value of Uber's Surge Pricing

In this speculative project, we incorporated behavioural economics to refocus the value of the customer experience away from unrelatable business metrics, to personal metrics of the customer. Creating more positive and long-lasting improvements to the way Uber communicates their surge pricing.

Highlighting Gender Equality for the British Government’s Equalities Office

To coincide with the British Government’s ‘Think, Act, Report’ Campaign we developed and designed an infographic booklet to highlight Gender Equality, key Governmental initiatives and areas still to be improved.

Future-proof products with human factor KPIs

With integrated technologies and more conscious consumers, we rate success in terms of the future KPIs. Including happiness, retention rate and attention span.
Or as we call them human factor KPIs.

Assessing IQ for MIT and Union College

We worked with Prof. Christopher Chabris and David Engel, in their research project between the M.I.T. Center for Collective Intelligence and Union College. Illustrating a new set of IQ test matrices. 

To design we have to understand people
And psychology is the perfect tool