We put design psychology at the core of what we do

Harnessing the power of the way people think, and the way people act to craft the best solutions for our clients. If you are just starting out, repositioning into a new market or have a hard problem to solve... we are your studio


We partner with companies and organisations that care

Insight driven

By preempting how people think and act, we invert the design process and put insight at the very start of our thinking. Leading to better products and solutions from the start.

Part of the team

We are hands-on and love to work closely with our clients. We're all in this together.

We believe in the power of ethical design, and how it enhances businesses' and people’s lives.


We are a group of digital nomads and freelancers, working internationally between Manchester, UK and Berlin, Germany. 

Want to grab a coffee, see how we can help you or talk about design psychology? We'd love to.


Building communities as Glug hosts

Glug #1 - Makers

With guests Etsy, Unit9, Siberia and 44flavours. Each sharing how they support maker communities, make immersive environments in VR, make executive level products and craft their art and graffiti. 

Glug #2 - Ideas

We hear from Ableton, Martina Flor and Polina Joffe, who impart their wisdom on how to craft the best ideas, which ones to nurture and communicating ideas across a number of different teams.

Want to enhance your product and position your business to the right market?