It all starts with a decision

Decisions on where to click, what to do, how to feel.
We focus on how, when and why people make decisions.
To create better products, services & experiences for you.

What decisions do you want to change?

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Decisions are valuable

Everything we do starts with a decision.
And we make around 35,000 of them, every day.
From where to go, what to do, how to act and how to feel.

But decisions are tricky.
95% of all decisions we make are unconscious.
Meaning, as people, we have no control over 95% of the things we do and feel.
Instead, we are driven by our assumptions, emotions, biases and everyone else around us.
When you design for people, this makes things difficult.

Behavioural science explains the everyday decisions we make.
Using insights from psychology, behavioural economics and neuroscience we can unpack all these hidden decisions. 
Informing a design process called Behavioural Design.

Sometimes a small change can have a big impact on behaviour.

Other times, we need a new way of thinking.

Big or small, we can help you in the right direction.

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Stop and change bad decisions

With the right behaviour design, we can change someone's behaviour - permanently. We design interventions that move people away from unwanted behaviours, to good. Taking research into what people are doing, where and when to find problems with potential. Nudging, pivoting and changing their behaviour.

Prevent unwanted decisions

The right barrier can stop bad behaviour in its tracks. We use both trigger and complexity barriers to remove the prompts to act and make the bad decisions harder. We use Preventative design to stop bad behaviours. Behaviours that are both harmful to people and your business.

Nudge good decisions

We all need a little nudge. Nudge to finally make that decision or to act differently. Persuasion as a tool is powerful. It all depends on how we communicate. From creating the right message, defining the value, knowing when to use it and how. We create persuasive experiences and persuasive strategies for companies looking to nudge better. 

Make decisions habits

Habits control 40% of everything we do. Habits make decisions easier, quicker and relieve our cognitive load - meaning we have more time to think about the more important things. We create habits by taking our repetitive decisions and making them automatic. We assess people's behaviour patterns we can see what they do repeatedly and frame these as habits. Creating sticker experiences. 

Predict decisions

Anticipating what people are going to do next creates delightful experiences. Experiences that understand people's needs, adapt to them and eliminates needless choices. Crafting personalised experiences that adapt to people based on their previous, current and future behaviour. Making businesses one step ahead.

Boost your decisions

We help businesses make better decisions using behavioural insights. Insights into your customers, your current service and potential to innovate. Behavioural insights give businesses a huge competitive advantage, especially when it comes to strategy. We provide decision driven strategy with the right information. We carry out behavioural health checks and advice decision makers on how to think about brain and behaviour. 

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Each business is different.
Maybe you already have a design team. Maybe you are looking for an experienced team to work from idea to launch. Maybe you don't know where to start.
Whatever your maybe, we adapt our process to you.
Working alongside you and your team.

We work across with UX, research, service design and marketing to design behaviour.


Understand how, when and why people are making decisions. Looking at your data and carrying out behavioural research.


Questioning everything to unpick people's motivation, triggers and actions. Pinpointing problems and opportunities.


Create and prototype solutions. Stopping, preempting, habituating and supporting people's decisions.


We take you beyond launch. Implementing and scaling the solution.

We teach others Behaviour Design.

Sharing our Behavioural Design Toolkit with design teams and businesses.

With resources, workshops and courses.

It's our Behaviour Kit.



Our work

Behaviour science is giving established companies, startups and public sectors a competitive edge. Using the knowledge of how the brain works and how we behave.

In the last couple of years, there has been an explosion of behavioural insights at a governmental level and in the FTSE 500. 

We've worked with Microsoft, MIT and Union College, Contentful, The British Government's Equalities Office, British Biathlon and Everywoman.

We’ve worked with the Microsoft to finesse their business customer facing collateral. Working on both the SureStep and Dynamics 365 projects. Helping their business customers to harness the power of all Microsoft has to offer.

Highlighting Gender Equality for the British Government’s Equalities Office

To coincide with the British Government’s ‘Think, Act, Report’ Campaign we developed and designed an infographic booklet to highlight Gender Equality, key Governmental initiatives and areas still to be improved.

We incorporated behavioural economics to refocus the value of the customer experience away from unrelatable business metrics, to personal metrics of the customer. 

Assessing IQ for MIT and Union College

We worked with Prof. Christopher Chabris and David Engel on their research project exploring whether groups that work online still demonstrate collective intelligence. We designed the format for the IQ test matrices. The project found that people who communicated a lot participated equally and possessed good emotion-reading skills worked smarter together. Findings with potential application to online collaboration tools and group working.