Transform health

Half of all premature deaths are preventable. 
They are caused by behaviours that are bad for us. 
Drinking, smoking, eating the wrong foods and our sedentary lifestyles. 
All the things we know are bad for us. But we do them anyway.

Spending on health worldwide has increased. But, it isn’t matched by an equal increase in everyone’s health.
We are at a health stalemate. Due to our lifestyle choices and behavioural factors.

For healthcare and companies working in the health and wellbeing sector, Behaviour Design is key.
From fitness to lifestyle change, medical services, diagnosis, prevention and new habit formation. Behavioural science can unlock how and why people do things across the whole health ecosystem. 
Helping to stop bad behaviours, and bring in new healthier habits.

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Understand the story

Behaviour is the story of everything we do, think and feel. To deliver health results across the whole ecosystem we look the whole story of the people involved. Looking at people as individuals, their roles as people, patients, practitioners and caregivers, and the context of their behaviour. 

Design for decision touchpoints

Health behaviour is driven by both conscious and unconscious decisions. We look at each point a person makes a decision to help nudge them to make better choices. We also look at how we can support these decisions across the service, product and digital solution we create. 

Grab attention

We live in an attention saturated world. But, attention is key to creating and supporting new health behaviours. We grab attention by making messages clear, design interventions for a person's moment of need and interrupt old habits to nudge people to make better decisions.

Build trust and confidence

Trust is central to every relationship we have. Including our relationships with digital services, online practitioners and new services. 

Made it an easy decision

Keep decisions simple and people are more likely to make the right one. Especially when it comes to health-based decisions. We facilitate immediate understanding, limit the number of choices and preempt which decisions people are likely to make. All helping people to make better decisions.

Guide action

Long-term health change is hard. People stumble at the next obstacle or just stop doing their healthier behaviour. We make it easy to continue by guiding people's behaviour. Anticipating where the obstacles may pop up, giving the right helping hand to overcome them and automating processes to make things easier to do.  

We design products, services and digital solutions across the whole health ecosystem.
From creating healthy lifestyles through diagnosis, treatment and aftercare.

Working across service design, user experience design, user research and behaviour design.

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“It turns out that the environmental effects on behaviour are a lot stronger than most people expect.”

Daniel Kahneman,
Nobel Laureate,
Economic Sciences

Each business is different.
Maybe you already have a design team. Maybe you are looking for an experienced team to work from idea to launch. Maybe you don't know where to start.
Whatever your maybe, we adapt our process to you.
Working alongside you and your team.

We work across with UX, research, service design and marketing to design behaviour.


Understand how, when and why people are making decisions. Looking at your data and carrying out behavioural research.


Questioning everything to unpick people's motivation, triggers and actions. Pinpointing problems and opportunities.


Create and prototype solutions. Stopping, preempting, habituating and supporting people's decisions.


We take you beyond launch. Implementing and scaling the solution.