Making lasting relationships

We love working with a wide range of people, from large enterprises, to startups and social enterprise.
Below is a snapshot of some of our work, drop us a line for our more indepth case studies.

We’ve worked with the Microsoft to finesse their business customer facing collateral. Working on both the SureStep and Dynamics 365 projects. Helping their business customers to harness the power of all Microsoft has to offer.

We craft how people feel and behave to improve their well-being. Here is how we include behavioural economics into our design process.

Showing travellers the safe world with Jane app

Crafting a responsive website and branding for startup Jane. A new AI that helps lone travellers and safety conscious adventurers travel with peace of mind.

Highlighting Gender Equality for the British Government’s Equalities Office

To coincide with the British Government’s ‘Think, Act, Report’ Campaign we developed and designed an infographic booklet to highlight Gender Equality, key Governmental initiatives and areas still to be improved.

Assessing IQ for MIT and Union College

We Illustrated a new set of IQ test matrices for Prof. Christopher Chabris and David Engel, in their research project between the M.I.T. Center for Collective Intelligence and Union College.


Making ___ 
Typewise, a web-based app to help designers choose the best typefaces based on the latest psychological research.
Recommending typefaces based on their emotional responses, accessibility and use.

Researching ___ 
Dementia and learning based thresholds concepts


We use technology and design to enrich people's lives
A process defined by our psychology-driven approach


We take our insights and years of experience to create products that improve businesses and people's lives

  • UI
  • UX
  • Product
  • Print
  • Branding

Great insight drives the best solutions. We carry out research to question and change assumptions, leading to better solutions

  • UX testing
  • Design-psychology audit and research
  • Ethnographic research

By understanding the fundamentals of human behaviour, we advise on, and work in the following areas

  • Behaviour change
  • Rebrands
  • Pivoting
  • New markets
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If I said ‘Coca-Cola’ what colour immediately comes to mind?
The highly iconic Coca-Cola red.
In 2013 Coca-Cola introduced their new Coca-Cola Life range, a brand using only green. This gives an interesting opportunity to observe a globally recognised brand and colour association and turn it on its head. 
In effect, creating the Stroop Effect on a mass scale.

The buzz around Virtual Reality, VR, is everywhere. The technological advances are starting to make scenarios reserved for sci-fi a reality. Spanning the likes of The Matrix’s fully immersive worlds, Star Trek’s holodeck and Minority Report’s personalised and targeted advertising. 
What is VR and how do we design for VR with psychology in mind?

In the last 6 years, Google has updated their logo 3 times? At first glance, this seems surprising. It doesn’t feel like their logo has been updated so regularly or received the same mass response as the likes of Uber or Pinterest.
With some of the big names tweaking their logos periodically, and others every century. How often should we update a company logos?

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